Foetal Bovine Serum - Gamma Irradiated, 500 ml, South American Origin

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Serum is the blood component remaining after coagulation and removal of the cellular components usually through centrifugation. Serum is a complex mixture of proteins including growth factors, amino acids and hormones. This complicated mixture makes serum to be one of the most important supplements to support cells to grow and proliferate in vitro cell culture.

FBS Quality and Experience
Serana's foetal bovine serum (FBS) is sourced from only the highest quality raw material sources. We have extensive industry experience manufacturing to the highest of standards. Serana maintains an in-house quality control department in order to verify the products adhere to the strictest of quality specifications. Speak with a Serana representative today about your foetal bovine serum requirements in order to receive your free samples.

Production and Traceability
Foetal Bovine Serum passes through a series of filters terminating with triple 0.1 µm pore size pharmaceutical grade sterile filters. The product is dispensed in a Class 100 laminar flow workstation via a closed system and then immediately frozen. From collection of raw sera through to the final sterile filtered product, Serana manages and documents all processes involved. This certifies traceability to the end product. Batch records including Certificates of Origin, Certificates of Analysis and other batch release documents are maintained and regularly audited.

Serana’s FBS products are available with the following treatments: gamma irradiated, charcoal stripped, heat inactivated, dialysed, and Ultra Low IgG.

Storage, Shipping and Logisitics
All sera product are stored in ≤ - 15°C controlled freezer facilities. Serana ships serum products in polystyrene boxes containing sufficient dry ice to last throughout its journey.

Test Samples, Reservations and Orders
Many customers prefer to test serum products with their own cell lines to follow their in-house requirements. Serana’s distributors will provide samples from different batches for customer testing and will hold the requested numbers of bottles from each batch on reservation until sample tests are completed. Normally, reservations are held for 4 weeks. Please advise your distributor if longer reservations are required.

Precaution: All serum products are not intended for human or animal diagnostic or therapeutic use.